Career Consultation
Sometimes you begin thinking of making a change, but need help getting started…
A Personal Career Consultation with Marianne may be for:

- Gaining insight about your unique skills and abilities
- Leveraging talents and passions for career and job search
- Tapping into informational interviewing for research of new avenues of work
- Helping you create a resume and cover letter with more impact
- Assisting you with job search strategies, interview techniques, and salary negotiation
- Building your confidence
Marianne will facilitate a process to bring your unique talents and strengths alive on your resume so that it becomes an effective marketing tool. She has helped hundreds of individuals create a first time resume or expand its effectiveness in order to land their next job. Your Resume is your marketing tool. Make it work for you!

Build  a foundation of self-knowledge and increase your understanding of your strengths, interests, values and passions Why? This foundation of information will be a vehicle to jump-start or accelerate your job search or career goals. Work with Marianne and take an assessment:

- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
- Strong Interest Inventory®
- Strengths Finder 2.0
- Values Driven Work Inventory® (VDW®)
- SkillScan ®
- DesignYourDirection Values Checklist and Skills Checklist

You can decide if a one-time appointment is all you need to make positive change in your career goals - or choose on-going career development coaching as the most beneficial plan for you! View Contact Info


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